Scheduling and Event Services facilitates planning and support for non-academic use of University of Oregon facilities and outdoor spaces on campus.

We provide services and equipment for a wide variety of cultural, educational, and recreational activities, enabling campus and community organizations to produce successful events. We collaborate with UO students, campus departments, and the larger community to provide helpful, high-quality, personalized service in all areas of event facilitation to enrich and enliven the university.

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University of Oregon Program Participant Vaccine Requirement

The University of Oregon is a highly vaccinated campus and has an expectation that its campus program guests and participants are also vaccinated. 

The university will require participants of certain university activities to attest being up to date with COVID-19 vaccines. The attestation process will also allow for medical and religious exemptions to being vaccinated. There are two types of activities that will require this attestation: camps, clinics, and conferences; and regularly attended services and programs. 

If the event/program involves members of the public being invited to attend or registering to participate in any of the following, it must require the attestation: 

  1. UO hosted multi-day engagement on campus. 
  2. Participants come to campus for multi-week sessions where they engage with groups of people.

This does NOT include events with a duration of one day or less, or where members of the public are engaged in 1:1 activities and programming with UO staff and faculty. 

Units hosting events would be responsible for communicating this requirement to participants and checking to make sure that participants have attested to either the vaccination or the exemption. Units do not need to check vaccination cards or ask for documentation of the exemption. Units do not need to ask for negative tests for participation. Units should not ask whether the participant is vaccinated or has an exemption, only that they attest to the statement provided below. 

Note: There is a separate set of regulations for overnight camps/clinics where participants stay in university housing. They do need to provide proof of prime vaccine or a negative test. Contact University Housing for additional information.

Language for vaccination/exemption attestation for inclusion in registration information:

“I attest to being up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations OR I have a medical or religious exemption from being up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations.”

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